Three Californias: Will ‘Mickey Mouse’ become a new state animal?

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Now that news is finally sinking in about California voters getting a chance this fall to slice and dice their Golden State into three new gold, bronze and platinum states what might happen to the California quail? Or the California red-legged frog? Or even the humble avocado?

They, of course, would be the current state bird, state amphibian and state fruit for California. If voters pass the measure in November, and if Congress signs off on the Big Split, all hell is going to break lose the State Symbol Department.

Most Californians know their state flower (poppy) and maybe the state animal (grizzly bear). But few residents realize there’s a long list of designated symbols for everything from frabric (denim) to grain (rice), most of them laid out in sections 420-429.8 of the California Government Code.

So if we’re truly on the verge of becoming three new entities – California, Northern California and Southern California – let’s pause to consider, with tongue firmly in cheek, what some of our symbols of the future might be.

For California (centered around Los Angeles County and running north along the coast up to Monterey and San Benito counties)

State song: “Another Day of Sun,” as performed on an LA freeway in the opening scene of La La Land

State mineral: gold, as in the 24-karat kind used in the Oscars at the Academy Awards

State tree: the Lone Pine on Seventeen Mile Drive

State marine mammal: surfeur-dudeis californius

For Northern California ( the Bay Area and everything up to the Oregon border, including Sacramento)

State dance: The First Amendment-protected BART train numbers performed by the Oakland dance crew called the Turf Feinz

State grass: the cannabis found at Harborside Health …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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