Selena Gomez has no shortage of defenders against designer who called her ‘so ugly’

It’s on.

Steffano Gabbana, one half of the Dolce & Gabbana design team, commented on an Instagram post about Selena Gomez, writing in Italian that “E proprio brutta!!!” The English translation: “She’s so ugly!!!”

Gomez hasn’t responded, but she hasn’t had to. Her legion of fans have plenty to say, in both English and Italian, in support of the actress/pop star.

“dude do you know what’s funny? You’re just doing it for attention. You’re so tired of yourself so you try to judge others,” wrote one Selenator. “I think that I can speak for Selena Gomez too. We wish you all the love in the world because you definitely need love.”

“I thought your brand sells glasses too, you should get yourself a pair because if you think Selena is ugly you really need them,” said another. “If you think that just because you have a famous brand you have the right to shame somebody you must seriously go to the psychologist because you have not only lack of manners but a serious ego issue.”

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Another commenter simply posted a pig emoji.

And those were some of the nicer, expletive-free comments.

The Instagram post in question came from The Catwalk Italia and showed a collage of five photos with Gomez dressed in red.

“#selenagomez rocks red dresses,” the caption read.

Perhaps next time Gabbana picks a fight with someone for no reason it should be with someone who isn’t the most popular person on Instagram. Gomez has a record 138 million followers.

Then again Gabbana and his business partner, Domenico Dolce, have never shied away from controversy, as People pointed out.

Gabbana also criticized Kate Moss on a different Catwalk Italia post recently.

In 2015, the openly …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Entertainment


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