Meghan Markle: Nervous but mostly charming in her first official outing with the queen

Meghan Markle joined Queen Elizabeth II for their first solo outing together in northwest England, and the new Duchess of Sussex looked like she was taking on aspects of being a royal.

Notably, the wife of Prince Harry wore pantyhose instead of bare legs, eschewed her messy bun and kept her legs slanting and crossed at the ankles while sitting. The American-born Meghan also didn’t wear a dress that was too revealing, unlike the off-the-shoulder designer ensemble she donned at last weekend’s Trooping the Colour at Buckingham Palace.

Overall, Meghan seemed to charm the crowds and, most important, her husband’s grandmother. The 36-year-old former TV actress and the 92-year-old monarch at one point looking relaxed and giggling as they sat together at an event marking the opening of a new bridge in Cheshire, about 200 miles north of London.

“They were very relaxed,” said Judi James, a leading body language and communication expert who was asked by the British tabloid The Daily Mail to analyze photos and videos of the two women together. “At one point they were giggling like teenagers together. The queen looked delighted to be with her.”

“The queen was doing everything right for her and made her looked like a granddaughter or a friend whom she is very fond of,” James added.

But another body language expert told the Daily Mail that Markle, who has years of professional training and experience in stage and on-camera performance, also appeared to be nervous during the outing.

In looking at Meghan step off the royal train behind the queen, Robin Kermode noted “a little tension in her left hand with both shoulders slightly raised.”

These body positions showed “a little nervousness … a clear desire too get this right,” Kermode told the Daily Mail. “I suspect we would all behave in the same way …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Entertainment


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