Gotta See It: Near 7-foot 12-year-old demolishes grade-school game

Allow us to introduce you to Olivier Rioux, a six-foot-10 12-year-old who can dunk all over fellow sixth-graders while standing up.

As you can see in the video above, Rioux is the stuff of grade-school basketball nightmares. Not only does he tower above literally everyone on the court, the fact that the nets appear to be lowered to eight feet makes this just plain unfair. He can just get up on his tip-toes to slam it home and even has a smooth jumper from outside.

Worst — or best depending on how you view this whole thing — is how acutely aware Rioux is of the situation as he makes an emphasis to stare down and talk trash to all the lowly kids that dare to oppose him.

There’s a lot to take in here with this video, but front of mind for us is the fact that the the video description says “Canada,” but he’s from France? There’s still a lot more digging we’ll need to do here.

For now, however, just enjoy the sight of a bona fide kid giant laying waste to a bunch of helpless kids.

(H/T: BasketCantera.TV)

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