How a street artist creates fake glowing neon lights with spray paint

Straker is an Australian street artist who paints unique murals that appear to light up the streets. His pieces look just like real neon signs, but they are actually 2D and created using only spray paint and a special technique that makes them pop off the wall. We spoke with Straker about his work and watched him create one of his pieces. Following is a transcript of the video.

Straker: My name’s Straker, I’m a graffiti artist from Perth, Australia. I’m best known for my neon style that replicates the look of neon signs using spray paint.

I started painting back in late ’95 as a graffiti artist working mainly with lettering. I was painting a sports bar. I figured neon would be a fitting style. That kind of led to doing one kind of cheerleader piece. I liked the look of it, and then kind of kept going with it.

It always, for me, starts with like a black background. The best kind of surface for the neon style would be one that’s flat. No brick mortar joints interrupting the flow.

I start by painting what becomes the reflection of the neon. Then layer that with the color, creating the glow. Then come back and do an offset outline, which becomes the kind of neon tube, so to speak. And then mist color back over the top to kind of finish it off.

Whenever I’m creating a neon piece, I’m doin’ it true to how a neon sign maker would create it. You don’t have an infinite length of line, you kind of have to think about if I were bending this, how would it work? So I like to, yeah, really kind of put myself in their shoe.

As far as planning a wall goes, I generally take a photo of the site …read more

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