Miss Manners: Their weird dogs weren’t invited, so they wouldn’t come

Judith Martin

DEAR MISS MANNERS: After a fishing trip, we invited over some friends who live about an hour away to enjoy our catch. They replied that they’d love to and reminded us they have two dogs now.

Judith Martin

Before we replied, they wrote again: “We hope you can put up with us and our two weird dogs for the day, and overnight if we drink too much.”

When they had just one dog, we invited them in the summer when we spent the day outside. I stated the invitation was meant only for them and we were not prepared to include two dogs at this time — considering it will be rainy, my husband is allergic and our home was recently remodeled, including new hardwood floors. These are not lap dogs, more medium-sized (40 pounds).

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They were then unable to come and were sad to hear we didn’t welcome their “well-behaved girls.” They said their house was open if we wanted to come there. Any better way I should have handled this?

GENTLE READER: “I’m afraid that our house is ill-equipped for your dogs, but we would love to have just the two of you” is likely what you thought you said.

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