Miss Manners: They were eating their nachos with what?!

Judith Martin

DEAR MISS MANNERS: When I was out on a double date, my date and the other couple used a knife and fork to eat pizza and nachos. I thought that these were literally finger foods.

Judith Martin

GENTLE READER: These people should not run for public office. Not only are nachos finger food, but Miss Manners has trouble imagining how one could eat them with a fork and knife. A spoon, perhaps.

How to handle pizza will depend on the formality of the restaurant. There is no ban on being more formal, but it seems unlikely that three people made that choice independently. More likely, someone started and everyone else followed.

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If so, it will be important to know whose idea it was before you open the conversation at your second date by poking fun at the other couple’s pretensions.

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