The US reportedly called Kim Jong Un’s bluff by demanding its nukes — and North Korea is flipping out

North Korea flipped on the US on Tuesday with a sudden series of statements bashing President Donald Trump’s administration.It came not long after a vaunted peace summit between Kim Jong Un and Trump was announced.The complaints Pyongyang made are in some respects difficult to take seriously — and may not be the real reason they’re complaining.Recent reports say that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo asked North Korea to send some of its nuclear weapons overseas for dismantlement.That would be a much large step toward disarming than Pyongyang has taken before.If the US insisted on that demand, it would either prove that Kim Jong Un is sincere — or call his bluff. If North Korea never wanted to actually denuclearize, and has only been playing along to gain international support, then this has been a big win for Kim.

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