‘Survivor: Ghost Island’ recap: One survivor seems to be begging to be voted off

The seven remaining survivors are back in camp after voting off Chelsea, and Kellyn, who’s All Woman Alliance fizzled, is certain that she’s next to go. She’s planning to stir some things up in the morning.

Morning finds Donathan and Laurel talking. Donathan is sounding like a broken record. For the past three episodes he’s tried to get Laurel to vote off Wendell or Dom, who are obviously running the show. You only have so many chances to make a big move before the big move takes you.

Laurel understands that, but she just doesn’t trust Kellyn and Angela, and she does like and trust Wendell and Dom. Donathan tells Kellyn that he and Laurel would be willing to work with her and Angela against Wendell, Dom and Sebastian, and Kellyn is happy to hear it, but we’re not so sure this plan is going to fly.

Reward Challenge

This is an interesting one. It’s a giant Rube Goldberg puzzle. Players work in teams of two — Angela has to sit out. The goal is to eventually have five spools sliding through the puzzle at once, timing them just right so that no spool drops. The players must take turns catching the spools and racing back up the puzzle to launch it again. It’s exhausting.

Reward is to play ambassador and deliver some school supplies to a Fijian school, and then eat some fried chicken.

Wendell and Dom win. They select Laurel to go with them on the reward, and Sebastian to go to Ghost Island.

Donathan is upset that Laurel was chosen because it makes him feel like he’s not part of the foursome any more, so he thinks it’s time to rattle cages. He, Kellyn and Angela dejectedly head back to camp while Sebastian, pleased beyond measure that Dom and Wendell called …read more

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