Letter: Gavin Newsom may be ‘thoughtful’ — but ‘thoughtful’ won’t get the job done as California governor

Letter: Gavin Newsom may ‘thoughtful’ — but
‘thoughtful’ won’t get the job done as California governor

The recent editorial endorsement of Gavin Newsom as the “most thoughtful” candidate for California governor came as no surprise. But I would like to set the record straight in saying that “thoughtful” won’t get the job done.

Newsom represents the status quo in California — high taxes, crushing regulation, failing schools and no hope in sight. As a businessman and non-politician, John Cox is the only candidate in this race who can truly bring change and shake up the status quo in Sacramento.

Gavin Newsom is far too liberal for California and would set California further down the path to bankruptcy, higher taxes and economic ruin. Newsom backs single-payer health care, which would require more than doubling the state’s tax burden.

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John Cox has a proven track record of fiscal responsibility and solving complex problems, not just being “thoughtful.”

David Kersten

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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