I drank nothing but water for a month — and it made my skin look and feel like porcelain

Ashlyn Lillibridge Drinking Water

I drank nothing but water for 28 days straight, but I did not change my food diet.
I did not start with many blemishes, but the water cleared up whatever was on my face.
I peed more than I have ever peed before.

Drinking water is really important, as it helps our bodies function properly and can prevent headaches and dehydration.

But many people are not drinking enough water, and are instead filling up on soda, juice, coffee, and other drinks.

I decided to drink nothing but water for an entire month. I have never been a coffee, tea or soda drinker, so this month might not have been as hard for me as other people who are addicted to caffeine.

Throughout the month I drank extreme amounts of water, even though that was not included in the challenge. I also did not eat any healthier, and stuck to my normal snacking and carb habits.

Week 1: Is there such a thing as drinking too much water?

I refused any tea or coffee, and did not even put any lemon in my water bottle. So many people offered me their delicious fruit water concoctions, but I turned down the sweet flavor for just the pure stuff.

At work I filled up my 33-ounce water bottle close to four times a day. At home I was going through more than five plastic water bottles. This water-only challenge made me realize the importance of buying a filter, instead of harming the environment with a ridiculous amount of plastic. I believe I was drinking 150 plus ounces of water every day.

The recommended amount of water is eight glasses each day, which equals about 64 ounces of water. But this number can change based on the climate, your weight, …read more

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