He lured young men looking for weed. Their bodies turned up in a pig roaster.

By Meagan Flynn | The Washington Post

Cosmo DiNardo declared “I am a savage no explanation needed” on social media seven months before police say he lured four young men to his family’s farm, shot them to death, ran one of them over with a backhoe and dumped three of their bodies in a pig roaster.

DiNardo, 21, was the privileged son of wealthy parents who owned land in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, just north of Philadelphia, according to the Bucks County District Attorney. There, DiNardo could ride ATVs and shoot guns, which his friends say he often sold to willing buyers. He also sold weed and he also sold customized Jordans and Nike sneakers, which he sometimes photographed next to large bullets, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

But in 2016, according to court records, he was involuntarily committed to a mental health facility for treatment of schizophrenia, the Inquirer reported. He got banned from both his former high school and from Arcadia College, where he attended for just one semester, due to unspecified strange or aggressive behavior on campus. He started making peculiar Facebook posts, openly asking for sex, talking about going to taxidermy school.

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Eventually, his friends told the Inquirer, he started talking about killing people. About being a savage.

On Wednesday, DiNardo pleaded guilty to murdering four young men whose July 2017 disappearances alarmed the suburban Philadelphia community and briefly stumped police – until DiNardo was caught trying to sell one of the victim’s cars. Within days, DiNardo confessed to the killings.

He was sentenced Wednesday to four consecutive life sentences. His cousin, Sean Kratz, is charged with being DiNardo’s accomplice and killing one of the men. He unexpectedly …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Nation, World


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