Draymond Green sees the color of money in Hampton 5 trademark

Nice to see that Draymond Green is getting some down time during the most intense portion of the Warriors schedule.

As the NBA’s MVP — Most Versatile Player — Green is pretty busy during the late regular season and the playoffs.

His versatility extends beyond the basketball court, by the way. Recently, according to TMZ Sports, Green applied to trademark the phrase “Hampton 5.” Not surprising, considering Green fancies himself an entrepreneur-in-training and has set a goal of being a billionaire before he’s 40.

“We noticed someone had filed for the ‘Hampton 5′ trademark in 2017,” TMZ reported in a post. “A deeper dive revealed the man behind the application is Money 23 Green Enterprises … aka Draymond.” The United States Patent and Trademark Office told TMZ that the application remains open, but that Green needs only to submit one more document to complete the process.

For those of you unfamiliar with the legend, we turn you over to USA Today:

“Back when the Warriors recruited (Kevin) Durant, he was in The Hamptons — a group of towns in Long Island where the rich and famous go to vacation. When he opened his door, (Steph) Curry, (Klay) Thompson, Green and (Andre) Iguodala were there in person to convince him to sign with Golden State.

“Coach Steve Kerr recently started that lineup in Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals, but much of the time, it’s that group that finishes games.”

The Hampton 5 handle was the brainchild of Tim Kawakami, who has covered the Warriors for the San Jose Mercury News and, more recently, The Athletic.

More from TMZ: “The application was to use the trademark for everything from sports drinks to gym bags, cell phone cases, headphones, comic books, athletic wear and educational tools” and possibly a celebrity gossip website.

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Source:: The Mercury News – Business


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