Amazon, Wegmans, Tesla, and Chick-fil-A top the list of most-liked companies — employees explain why they have such a cult following

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Amazon, Wegmans, Tesla, and Chick-fil-A are all wildly popular companies in the US.
They all appeared on The Harris Poll’s 2018 ranking of the companies with the best reputations.
The rankings were based on factors like emotional appeal, vision, and social responsibility.

Amazon, Wegmans, Tesla, and Chick-fil-A are well-liked companies.

That’s according The Harris Poll’s 2018 ranking of companies with the best reputations among American consumers.

First, The Harris Poll surveyed 25,800 American adults to determine which companies are the most “visible” to the public. The top 100 most visible companies were then assigned reputation quotients based on participants’ perceptions of each brand’s social responsibility, vision and leadership, financial performance, products and services, emotional appeal, and workplace environment.

According to The Harris Poll, a score of 80 and above indicates an “excellent” reputation, while scores of 75 to 79 indicate a “very good” reputation. The top 14 companies on the list received scores within the “excellent” range.

To determine what’s working for these brands, Business Insider compiled statements from current and former employees at these popular companies made on Quora and Glassdoor.

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An employee said that ‘making sure the customer is 100% satisfied’ is key at The Home Depot

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