Letter: Pact with UCSF proving harmful to East Bay families

Pact with UCSF proving
harmful to East Bay families

Re: “Children’s Hospital Oakland doctors revolt against UCSF partnership” (Eastbaytimes.com, May 10):

I am concerned for the future of Children’s Hospital. My practice includes many low-income children and children with special health care needs. Recent UCSF decisions are having harmful impacts on my patients and compromise health equity for Bay Area children.

UCSF promised an alliance that would create a bridge to top-notch care to all our kids, wherever they live. Instead, it’s become a patient funnel to Mission Bay. UCSF claimed Oakland would not be second-class, yet it inadequately staffs Oakland clinics. Getting to specialists in SF is difficult for families who have to miss more work and spend more on travel, often repeatedly.

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Why should East Bay children have to wait longer or travel farther for necessary care if our institutions are truly integrated? Oakland is being left behind. It needs to stop.

East Bay children and families deserve a strong, sustainable Children’s Hospital, and access to care in their own community.

Dr. Robin Winokur
Physician, Kiwi Pediatrics,

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