I’ve flown at least once a month for the last year — here are 17 things I never travel without


Flights require a particular set of items if you want to remain comfortable and relaxed.
The more you travel, the more you learn what to pack — and what to leave behind.
Author Natalia Lusinski has taken 15 flights in the past year, and these are the items she never travels without.

As someone who has taken 15 flights in the last year, there are several items that are must-haves when traveling. Of course, it’s a learn-by-doing process, but I’ve finally distilled my carry-on bag to a compact assortment of essentials.

Each time I step foot on an airplane, I bring with me what I like to call my “plane kit.” The kit is an assortment of smaller items grouped together in a makeup bag that I take from flight to flight. This way, I don’t have to keep repacking my flight essentials and am sure that everything I need is in one, easily accessible place.

Here are 17 items I’d never travel without.

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1. A comfortable hoodie

Planes often seem to be too hot or too cold. A hoodie can keep you warm if your airplane is uncomfortably cool, and if not, you can use the hoodie as a cushion to sit on, a germ barrier between you and the headrest, or a pillow.

2. Earplugs

Nothing’s worse than wanting to take a nap on a flight, only to realize there’s a crying baby behind you. Maybe you want to catch up on work and need to drown out ambient noise. Whatever the case may be, traveling with earplugs is a must.

3. An eye mask

Whether you want to get some sleep or just want to relax without being disturbed, an …read more

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