Carolyn Hax: I spill my guts and all he says is “thanks for sharing”


DEAR CAROLYN: I have been seriously dating my boyfriend for over two years, and we live together. I have expressed more than once that I want to be married, and that it is something I value and want in life, and we had a lengthy conversation about it a couple months ago. He always tells me he’s “not ready, but maybe one day,” and says the same thing with having kids.

We’ve had our ups and downs, and lately I feel as though he doesn’t actually want to marry me or make any big commitments. I am almost 30, and don’t want to wait around forever for him to make up his mind. It took about nine months for him to just call me his girlfriend.

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I’ve also written him notes to fully articulate my feelings without him interjecting, and he doesn’t usually write much back. It is either defensive, or he will say something like “thanks for sharing.” Truly, I don’t know where most …read more

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