5 global tech hubs you can reach easily from Silicon Valley

United Hong Kong

For a little over half a century, Silicon Valley has been the undisputed center of the technology universe, birthplace of the silicon transistor, the graphical user interface, social-media giants, and so much more.

And though the Bay Area remains the premier destination for startups and venture capital, a new crop of global tech hubs is quickly gaining ground. Each week entrepreneurs and innovators travel between San Francisco and New York, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and dozens of other destinations in search of new partners and new ideas.

Deepening these connections, United Airlines has been an industry leader adding new flights and additional services between San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and rising tech centers worldwide. It’s all part of a deeper strategy to connect business customers conveniently and easily while improving the overall customer experience.

“Building the world’s best network for our customers means that we continuously review where customers are traveling and for opportunities to conveniently link business centers together,” says Patrick Quayle, vice president of international network at United Airlines. “Whether it’s for business or leisure, adding new flights to cities where our customers want to travel significantly grows business connections, international commerce, and the flow of goods and ideas.”

Here are five global tech hubs you can easily reach from SFO.

Denver, Colorado

With more than 58 million passengers traveling through the airport each year, Denver International Airport is the 18th-busiest airport in the world and the sixth-busiest airport in the United States. The airport is the primary economic engine for the state of Colorado, generating more than $26 billion for the region annually.

In the first quarter of 2017, Colorado ranked fourth among US states in raising $344.5 million in venture-capital funding. As you might expect, much of this activity was centralized in the Denver area, where a …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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