The Book of Booty: From WWE’s The New Day Review

The New Day Book

St. Martins Press

When an individual or trio climbs their way out from a hole of mediocrity and emerges as something greater, it’s quite inspiring. The always entertaining and super energetic stable known as The New Day have managed to do just that. To watch all three men go from extremely corny buddies with a stereotypical “BLACK FOLKS LOVE ‘EM SOME CHURCH!” gimmick to one of the most unique acts in pro wrestling is praiseworthy. Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods’ huge surge in popularity over the past couple years has led up to this huge moment – the release of the group’s first book. The Book of Booty: Shake It. Love It. Never Be It. is an incredibly fun read that covers WWE’s three-man platoon of positivity.

Cracking open this book will expectedly bring you plenty of joy thanks to its bright and bubbly design. All the glorious color schemes The New Day has been known to adorn on their gear can be seen featured on several pages. Their animal mascots, numerous logo designs, and most striking imagery inside and outside the ring make this book as lively and vibrant as possible. Content wise, there’s a good amount of serious and whimsical topics covered in detail. It’s quite a joy to read up on The New Day’s 10 best matches, each member’s pet peeves and faves, a breakdown of their 483-day title reign, their WrestleMania appearances etc. And it’s also hilarious to learn about the punishments handed down to losers who participated in Woods’ UpUpDownDown game challenges and the animal mascots that The New Day looks to for confidence. The New Day’s in-ring and outside exploits are lovingly explained in great detail.

St. Martins Press

The New Day is best known for their comical endeavors. Their clever inside jokes and amusing …read more

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