Carolyn Hax: All she’s going to get from me is a cold shoulder


DEAR CAROLYN: A few months back I had a falling-out with a friend whom I was extremely close to. She initiated a “timeout” where she didn’t want to talk to me about the issues at hand or anything else, because she “just didn’t have time to deal with” me. Obviously, I was beyond hurt that my best friend wouldn’t make time to talk things out.

Now when I bump into her in social gatherings she acts all cheery and chatty. To which I respond with a very cold (I’d even say Arctic) shoulder.

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She then fires at me that she’s just being civil and that I lack the most rudimentary social skill. And I’ll agree. But I guess I just don’t see the point in plastering on a smile and spraying air-kisses on someone who wouldn’t give up a half-hour to at least attempt to straighten things out. So where do you side, civility or reality?

Your Socially Heathen Fan

DEAR FAN: I’m surprising myself a little here, and voting civility down. Polite cheer is for when you’ve had the tough conversation and agreed that things can’t …read more

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