Carolyn Hax: She’s really great, just don’t make her mad


DEAR CAROLYN: I am getting ready to propose to my girlfriend of three years. “Mary” is just great — beautiful, funny, successful — but she has major forgiveness issues. Not about little things; she never holds a grudge if I stay out late with the guys and she has to pick me up from a bar, or if I’m cranky from a bad day at work or something. In fact, none of this behavior has ever been directed at me but it’s so extreme that I have to wonder about it.

For example, her dad cheated on her mom and married the other woman many years ago. Mary has never forgiven him and never sees him — never even met his new wife or her half sister.

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Even her mom says Mary needs to get over it! Another example: A longtime friend of hers was going through a crisis and was taking it out on Mary, who was trying very hard to help her. Mary was really patient for months until, boom, one day she’d had enough and cut her off completely.

I admit back then I said Mary shouldn’t put up with her …read more

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