Boris Johnson warns Remainers that stopping Brexit would be a disastrous ‘betrayal’

boris johnson brexit speech

Boris Johnson accuses anti-Brexit supporters of making a “disastrous mistake”.
The Foreign Secretary will warn those trying to stop Brexit of a “betrayal” of the referendum vote.
He will say Remainers are becoming “ever more determined” to stop Brexit
However, Johnson will say that “many” Remain supporters have “noble” aims.

LONDON — Boris Johnson will today warn campaigners against Brexit, that they are making a “disastrous mistake” that would lead to “permanent and ineradicable feelings of betrayal” among those who voted to leave the EU.

In a major speech later today, Johnson will accuse politicians, such as the Conservative MP Anna Soubry, of attempting to “frustrate” Brexit.

“I fear that some people are becoming ever more determined to stop Brexit, to reverse the referendum vote of June 23 2016, and to frustrate the will of the people,” he will say.

“I believe that would be a disastrous mistake that would lead to permanent and ineradicable feelings of betrayal. We cannot and will not let it happen.”

Johnson is expected use his speech to seek to disprove the “anxieties” of Remain supporters about Brexit.

“If we are to carry this project through to national success – as we must – then we must also reach out to those who still have anxieties,” he will say.

“I want to try today to anatomise at least some of those fears and to show to the best of my ability that they are unfounded, and that the very opposite is usually true: that Brexit is not grounds for fear but hope.”

However, in a partial attempt to reach out to Remain supporters, the Foreign Secretary will concede that “many” Remainers are motivated by “noble sentiments”.

“It is not good enough to say to Remainers – you lost, get over it; because we must accept that many are actuated by entirely noble sentiments, a real sense of …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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