NBC apologizes after a Winter Olympics analyst’s comments set off a firestorm

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NBC’s Olympic Asian analyst Joshua Cooper Ramo made comments that many people viewed as culturally insensitive during the Winter Olympics.
The network has issued an apology, and said in a statement that Ramo “will have no further role on our air.”

An NBC commentator was taken off the air over some remarks he made that were deemed insensitive to Japan-South Korean relations.

The network said Joshua Cooper Ramo was dismissed after he said “every Korean will tell you that Japan is a cultural, technological, and economic example, has been so important to their own transformation.” His comments were seen an inflammatory to many South Koreans and foreign-policy experts.

Ramo did however acknowledge that Japan “occupied Korea from 1910 to 1945.”

NBC responded to the backlash in a statement to Reuters: “Joshua Cooper Ramo has completed his responsibilities for NBC in Pyeongchang, and will have no further role on our air,” an NBC spokesman told the news wire service.

Japan’s occupation of the Korean Peninsula was marked with humanitarian atrocities ranging from forced prostitution of Korean women to forced labor. Though relations between the two nations have arguably improved, Japan’s occupation still remains a provocative subject for many South Koreans, particularly among the older generation. Disputes over its shared past are still a point of contention today.

South Koreans and foreign-policy experts decried Ramo’s remarks:

NBC’s Olympics Asian Analyst Joshua Cooper Ramo says having the next three Olympics in Korea, Japan and China is an “opportunity to experience all of the Asian cultures.” @NBCOlympics, maybe next time hire an Asian Analyst that knows Asia has more than three cultures???

— Harrison W. Inefuku (@hnltraveler) February 10, 2018

Um, no…. how the hell is this guy the Asian correspondent?

“NBC Asian correspondent Joshua Cooper Ramo said that “every Korean” respected Japan …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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