What to do for hummingbird nesting by my window?

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DEAR JOAN: I currently have a bird’s eye view of an Anna’s hummingbird nest. I was surprised to look out on Jan. 31 and see a hummingbird’s nest just 6 inches from the glass in my potted ficus tree.

On Feb. 3, there was an egg. Three days later, there was a second egg. She has now built up the nest to protect the eggs.

I have been reading about how long it takes the eggs to incubate — 20 days. I am wondering if the timing starts from the first egg or the second egg.

I also read it can take longer in cool weather. We have been having warm weather; will that shorten the incubation time?

I have also read that they can have two or three broods. Do they reuse the same nest? I will be afraid to move the ficus if she is likely to reuse it.

I was worried about the nest location at first because she seemed a little skittish if we or the dogs went by the door, but today, I had to get to the hose bib that is under the tree and she stayed put. We can now walk by the window and she stays on the nest.

Call me crazy, but yesterday I went to the store and bought two Cape honeysuckle plants to put in pots for her. The orange flowers are pretty and they bloom in the fall and winter. I also have a lemon tree with some flowers and nasturtiums in pots.

I have a three-tiered fountain that we have shut down for the winter. I don’t have any bird feeders because I have tried to landscape for birds instead. Should I put water in the fountain and run it during the winter? Also, is there anything else I can do to support her?

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