Team World closes in on Team North America at Continental Cup

LONDON, Ont. — Team World took two of three mixed doubles matches Saturday morning to climb within a point of Team North America at curling’s Continental Cup.

The seventh end was the downfall for Team North America. Manuela Siegrist and Benoit Schwarz (who had replaced Marlene Albrecht and Peter De Cruz) scored two in the seventh for a 7-5 World victory while Yumi Suzuki and Torger Nergard (replacements for Agnes Knochenhauer and Rasmus Wrana) cracked a three in their seventh for a 9-6 victory.

The only North America victory came when Aileen Geving and Geoff Walker turned over a 5-3 lead after four ends and their replacements, Raunora Westcott and Kevin Koe, promptly scored singles in the next three ends for an 8-3 win.

With each match worth two points, Team World outscored Team North America 4-2, leaving the visitors trailing by a single point, 12.5 to 11.5, in the overall points race towards 30.5.

A total of 60 points are available over the four days of competition, which features traditional team games, mixed doubles games and skins games, with the first team to reach 30.5 points declared the winner. Half of the 60 points are available in Sunday’s skins matches.

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