Sarah Jessica Parker explains the big tone shift in season 2 of HBO’s ‘Divorce’: ‘I don’t want it to seem like we have no backbone’

Divorce season 2

Sarah Jessica Parker explained why she and the writers brightened up the dark tone of her show, “Divorce,” for season two, which premieres Sunday night on HBO.
The actor and producer said that it was important to show a divorced couple that actually gets along.
She’s confident in season two, but still wonders if they made the right narrative decisions by doing a time jump, which skips over a major event at the end of season one.
Parker also discussed the benefits of working with a female showrunner, and on a more diverse set featuring more female directors.

When Sarah Jessica Parker starts talking about her current HBO show, “Divorce,” you can instantly tell she loves it the same way many of her fans love her iconic HBO show, “Sex and the City.”

But it hasn’t exactly reached that status for the general public. The first season had its moments, but even with a wealth of talent, the show hadn’t found its voice yet. But in season two, producer/star Parker and company figured it out — so much that the season left me wanting more. And when I told Parker how much I loved the season, she lit up.

HBO’s half-hour comedy “Divorce” follows of Frances (Parker) and Robert Dufresne (Thomas Haden Church), a couple living in the picturesque New York City suburb of Hastings on Hudson as they go through a tumultuous divorce. They have a son and daughter together, both teens.

The first season, which premiered on HBO in 2016, got mixed reviews. It was a little darker than people were expecting, and a bit superficial in its portrayal of a couple that hates each other. And it ended on a sour note in its season finale: Frances, who cheated on Robert and tells him she wants a …read more

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