Mariah Carey has lost over 30 pounds since undergoing gastric sleeve surgery

Mariah Carey is continuing to shake the weight off!

ET has learned that the 47-year-old singer has already lost more than 30 pounds since undergoing gastric sleeve surgery last November, and feeling better than ever.

A source tells ET that Carey has been staying fit and fabulous since surgery by simply eating healthy. The three main foods she credits for keeping her slim figure in shape are salmon with capers and plain chicken broth. The source tells us she is not hitting the gym, or depriving herself — Carey still enjoys a glass of red wine from time to time.

“She is very confident about her appearance now,” the source explains. “The change to her diet was an adjustment at first for her, but she’s doing really well keeping up with it. She’s in a very good place with her health and her life.”

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