Ford Emissions Suit Codefendant Has Been Down This Road Before

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There’s another company mentioned in the lawsuit accusing Ford of cheating emissions standards. Here’s why.

The company is Bosch, a German engineering and electronics company that supplies parts for automakers around the globe. A class action lawsuit filed Wednesday alleges the company colluded with Ford to cheat emissions tests.

More specifically, the suit alleges Ford and Bosch put so-called “defeat devices” in some of Ford’s Super Duty diesel trucks, which the suit says allows the vehicles to pollute at “up to 50 times legal limits.”

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If this sounds familiar, it’s because it is. Another automaker, Volkswagen, admitted to skirting emissions standards in 2015 — and Bosch was involved in that scandal, too.

Bosch was accused of helping design Volkswagen’s defeat device software. The company ended up reaching a settlement but didn’t admit wrongdoing or liability.

Bosch has reportedly been named in other cases against Fiat Chrysler and General Motors.

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