Theresa May’s constituency is home to the “third largest pay gap in the UK”

On average, women in the Prime Minister’s Maidenhead constituency are paid 37.3 per cent less than men, figures reveal.

As gender inequality in the workplace makes a return to headlines with the very public resignation of the BBC’s China Editor, it has emerged that Theresa May’s own constituency has one of the UK’s largest pay gaps.

Women working in Britain now earn a median of 17.4 per cent less than their male counterparts, which, while still hugely unjust, is actually the narrowest the gap has been in 20 years. However the disparity is not uniform nationwide, instead being far worse for women from ethnic minorities, and also drastically differing across geographical locations.

One area where such inequality is particularly evident is the Prime Minister’s own constituency of Maidenhead, Berkshire, where women are paid an average of 37.3 per cent less than men. This figure, revealed today by the Office of National Statistics, puts Maidenhead third on the list of constituencies with the largest pay gaps – falling behind only Edinburgh South (38.1 per cent) and Cleethorpes (37.6 per cent).

The news may come as a particular surprise for many, since, back in July 2016, May used the first speech of her premiership to highlight the gender pay gap as a key issue for improvement.

Responding to the figures, Wigan MP and co-founder of think tank Centre for Towns, Lisa Nandy, said: “Theresa May began her premiership by committing to tackling the fundamental injustice of pay inequality. These figures suggest that she has so far failed to deliver on that pledge, and that it is women in towns like Maidenhead that are paying the price for the Prime Minister’s failure to act.”

With Northern Irish women facing a pay gap of just 7.1 per cent, compared to the 17.7 per cent gap experienced by those …read more

Source:: New Statesman

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