These avocados don’t have a pit — and they could prevent an injury called ‘avocado hand’

cocktail avocados

A UK-based retailer is now selling pit-free “Cocktail” avocados.
These mini avocados are apparently safer than regular avocados because they make chefs less susceptible to a reportedly serious injury called “avocado hand.”
The fruit grows to be about five to eight centimeters long, and looks like a miniature cucumber.
These avocados are said to taste the same as regular avocados, but they have thin, edible skin.
The fruit grows from an unpollinated avocado blossom and then develops without a seed — aka a pit.

On Thursday, UK-based retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S), announced that it will begin selling pit-free avocados. These “Cocktail” avocados could apparently prevent “avocado hand,” a reportedly serious injury that occurs when cooks accidentally slice their hands while trying to remove avocado pits.

Although these “safe” avocados are new to M&S, they’re not exactly revolutionary. The avocados, which only grow to be five to eight centimeters long, have actually been around since 1910.

The fruit might look a little strange, but it apparently tastes just like a regular Haas avocado. Another major difference? Every single part of this avocado is edible — including the skin, which is smooth and thin. That said, you could also peel off the skin and slice the avocado as you typically would.

The small, narrow avocados grow from unpollinated avocado blossoms and develop without seeds — aka pits. The avocados are in-season during mid-winter and will be sold at M&S stores throughout December while supplies last.

If you’re unsure how to prepare the mini fruit, Charlotte Curtis, a senior agronomist at M&S, shared her recommendations, which we first spotted on The Telegraph. “They’re perfect for snacking and lunchboxes as they …read more

Source:: Business Insider

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