Milpitas: Mayor accused of already running for 2018 re-election

Mayor Rich Tran’s proposal to tackle homelessness in Milpitas sparked criticism from a City Council colleague who accused him of just campaigning for re-election next year instead of trying to solve a longstanding problem.

As stated on his official Facebook page, Tran had announced in early November — at a meeting he held at a local restaurant — that he would be running for reelection to the city’s top elective office.

Although the City Council ultimately voted 3-2 — with Tran and Councilman Garry Barbadillo dissenting — to authorize more than four hours of staff time preparing a comprehensive homeless strategy, it didn’t allow the mayor to deliver his PowerPoint presentation on the subject.

Prior to the vote on Nov. 21, Councilman Bob Nunez said he wanted to place the matter on the meeting’s consent calendar so he would not have to hear Tran’s presentation. The consent calendar contains items deemed so routine they’re typically approved in one motion without discussion.

“I agree that we need to have staff time for that…,” Nunez said, adding he wants to hear what staff has to say once the research is completed. “I know you’ve prepared something mayor…I’ve seen what you have. If you want to share that out in the public, if you want to share it at events you have, I’m fine with that, but if you’re going to share that, then I’m not going to be in favor of having four hours of staff time.”

Nunez said if Tran has a homeless strategy he should present it to city staff’s consideration before it’s brought back to the council for further review.

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“To me, I’d like to have expert input on it from the staff and the county staff,” …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Politics

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