Inside a farm hidden under the streets of Paris in an abandoned parking garage

underground farm paris

Something is growing underneath La Chapelle, a neighborhood north of central Paris.

It’s an underground farm by Cycloponics, a local indoor farming startup that harvests lettuce, herbs, and mushrooms in a space it calls la caverne (the cave).

The farm uses an agricultural technique called hydroponic farming, in which greens are grown under LEDs in nutrient-rich water without sunlight or soil.

Take a look inside.

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Since late 2016, Cycloponics has grown vegetables in a 37,700-square-foot farm underneath the streets of Paris.

Source: Cycloponics

The 10-person team calls its farm “the cave.” It’s located beneath a 300-unit affordable housing complex. The space was formerly an abandoned parking garage.

Clusters of button, shiitake, and oyster mushrooms grow on bricks of composted manure.

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Source:: Business Insider

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