Ed Sheeran on Brexit, class and cultural appropriation: “I know I did it the right way”

Ed Sheeran

“Cultural appropriation is a thing that is rife in the music industry.”

When one is the biggest popstar in the world, introductions are generally not needed. But he does it anyway. “Hi man, I’m Ed. Nice to meet you.”

In a private room inside Warner’s UK headquarters in west London, Ed Sheeran is at ease, looking nothing like someone who has spent the best part of a freezing Monday doing a string of interviews with the world’s media.

But then the 26-year-old has many reasons to be at peace. He latest album, Divide , is the fastest-selling by a male artist of all time, featuring more Top 10 singles than any other studio album in history. It has also spent more than 30 consecutive weeks in the Top 3. That, for Sheeran, is success. “When I make a record I want the whole world to hear it. I was that musician who played at the pub to nobody and I fucking hated it. It’s horrible not having people appreciate the music that you make.”

Sheeran’s journey to this point– global acclaim, rubbing shoulders with Hollywood royalty, and actual royalty– was marked by a series of events that suggest he is either the luckiest man alive or the most industrious artist in showbiz. The most sensible explanation, of course, is that he is both.

In 2008, he dropped out of school, leaving Suffolk for London, where he didn’t know anyone.

What followed was the typical tale of the struggling artist in the big city: searching for gigs, sleeping on people’s couches, eating out of a tin can, sleeping rough. At a time when there is a heated debate on who is able to pursue artistic endeavors in 2017 Britain, Sheeran doesn’t for one second agree with the notion that money and class gives you a …read more

Source:: New Statesman

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