Al Franken isn’t sorry

It’s a comfort to know that today was perhaps the very last time that any of us will have to see the self-satisfied visage of Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) leering contemptuously from the floor of the Senate. What I do not understand is why.

No one who listened carefully to Franken’s remarks this morning could walk away from them with any notion of why he is bothering to resign. He stood there in his purple tie grinning smugly, explaining, as if to a sensitive child, why he had done nothing wrong. Without referring to any specific incident of sexual misconduct or even mentioning the names of any of his accusers, he calmly insinuated that all of the eight women who “have come forward to talk about how they felt my actions had affected them” are liars or victims of confusion.

He is “shocked,” he said, by their stories. He is even — the poor man — “upset.” But he is also “respectful,” so respectful indeed that he worries that he might have given “the false impression that I was admitting to having done things I haven’t done.” What a pity. Franken should rest easy. I for one was not under any such impression. His conviction that he is wholly innocent of any crime or misconduct is perhaps the only aspect of this affair about which I am utterly certain.

He also reminded us that he is “a champion of women,” a man with a “reputation as someone who respects women,” something to which the rest of us must surely aspire. “All women,” he said, “deserve to be heard and have their experiences taken seriously,” except, presumably, those whose stories must be dismissed out of hand. Who could disagree?

Franken regrets nothing except the fact that he can no longer be an “effective” politician. …read more

Source:: The Week – Politics

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