Celebration of Roy Halladay extends far beyond on-mound presence

CLEARWATER, Fla. – There’s no way to ease the anguish caused by death’s grim finality, or to make the loss hurt less. The best we can do is find ways to cope amid the sorrow, to seek outlets for the grief. For some two hours Tuesday, a celebration of Roy Halladay’s life at turns poignant, touching, raw and heartbreaking did just that for those mourning the iconic pitcher, who died in a plane crash last week.

Nine different remembrances, sometimes eliciting laughs, more often moistening eyes, extended well beyond Halladay the pitcher, filling in some details of what he was as a son, a friend, a father and a husband. His wife Brandy’s words, forced through tears throughout her 18 minutes on the dais by the mound at the Philadelphia Phillies’ spring home, were especially powerful as she recounted their meeting, their courtship, their marriage and their life.

“I’m not sure how to be me without him,” she said in an achingly eloquent description of her heartbreak.

Over and over, the speakers demonstrated how Halladay’s many accomplishments on the baseball field paled in comparison to the lasting impact he made on so many different lives.

J.P. Ricciardi, his former general manager with the Toronto Blue Jays, delivered his remembrance in the form of a letter to Halladay, and cried when he said, “My life was better because you were in it.”

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