Antonio Brown’s best chance to get in the good graces of the NFL is an insanity plea: Panelists

For months football aficionados have been following the antics of Antonio Brown as if he was the antagonist of a scarcely believable Netflix original.

His behavior has been so erratic and enigmatic that the NFL has pretty much washed its collective hands of him. And you know the NFL — if Darth Vader could run a 4.3 in the 40, one of the member franchises would find a way to get him on a roster.

Recently the panelists of ESPN’s “First Take” took a relatively compassionate approach (keep in mind we’re still dealing with talk radio) regarding what appears to be Brown’s increasingly desperate cries for attention. He wants to play. He doesn’t want to play. Last week he torpedoed a scheduled meeting with the NFL with a profane social media blast.

“The best defense for Antonio Brown,” Stephen A. Smith said, “is an insanity plea.” To which Max Kellerman responded, “Exactly!”

“There’s no other excuse,” Smith said. “Between how he conducted himself in Pittsburgh. Standing to (Jon) Gruden in Oakland and then taping his conversation, which by the way, was against California law.

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The New York City restaurants you should bring clients to if you want to impress them, according to 11 local real-estate agents and executives

le coucou

New York City is home to at least 27,000 restaurants.
Business Insider surveyed New York City-based executives in various industries to find out which NYC restaurants they go to if they’re looking to woo clients and close deals.
Dozens of real-estate agents and executives told us their ideal restaurants for impressing a client.
Their answers included trendy spots such as Avra, Balthazar, and Carbone, as well as an exclusive members-only club.
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New York City is home to at least 27,000 restaurants.

But even the city’s most popular restaurants aren’t safe from scathing New York Times reviews. The Michelin-starred Peter Luger Steak House in Brooklyn recently received a devastating zero-star review from the Times’ restaurant critic, Pete Wells.

That left us wondering: If not Peter Luger, what are the best restaurants in New York City right now?

Business Insider surveyed New York City-based real-estate agents and executives to find out the one restaurant they would take a client to impress them or close a deal. (Spoiler: none of them said Peter Luger, but another Manhattan steakhouse made the list.)

Here, in alphabetical order, is what they told us.

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Avra Estiatorio

Cuisine: Greek

Location: 141 East 48th Street (Midtown), 14 East 60th Street (Lenox Hill)

Dinner price range: ~ $21.95 – $59.95

“I love Avra,” Bonnie Lindenbaum, a broker at Warburg Realty with 21 years of experience, told Business Insider. “The food is excellent and the ‘scene’ is very NYC chic. The decor speaks …read more

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How to divide numbers and cells in Microsoft Excel to make calculations and analyze data

You can divide in Excel using a few different methods.
It’s easy to divide two numbers or cell values in Excel using the forward slash in a simple formula.
You can also divide a column of values by a constant, using the dollar sign to create an absolute reference in your spreadsheet.
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There are a few common techniques for performing division in Excel.

You can divide numbers directly in a single cell, or use a simple formula to divide the contents of two different cells. You can also set up a formula that divides a series of values by a constant.

Here’s what you need to know to divide in Excel on a Mac or PC.

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How to divide two numbers in Excel

You can divide two numbers using the forward slash (/) in a formula.

If you type “=10/5” in a cell and press Enter on the keyboard, you should see the cell display “2.”

You can also divide the values stored in different cells.

1. In a cell, type “=”.

2. Click in the cell that contains the dividend (the dividend is the number on the top of a division calculation).

3. Type “/”.

4. Click the second cell that contains the divisor.

5. Press Enter.

How to divide a column of values by a constant

It’s not uncommon to need to divide a column of numbers by a constant. You can do that by using an absolute reference to the cell that contains the constant divisor.

1. Create a column of numbers that will serve as the dividend in your division calculations. Then put the constant divisor …read more

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I’ve never taken a marketing class, and now I run a small brand strategy agency that brings in 6 figures. Here’s how my unique career path lead to my success.

Shanna Goodman

Shanna Goodman is a brand strategist and small-business owner who specializes in helping other small businesses succeed.
Her agency, Ampersand Business Solutions, has made six figures every year. But even though she works in marketing, Goodman has never taken a marketing class.
She studied psychology and human sciences in college, but realized that she didn’t want to be a therapist. Then she went to graduate school for mass communications, and found herself falling into nonprofit marketing.
She realized that having a unique background — and not getting a degree in her field — ended up being a “superpower.” She’s able to approach things in a different way.
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Growing up, I’d always been driven. I remember annoying coworkers at my deli job in high school, earnestly asking the older employee what I could be doing better in the midst of chopping tomatoes and cleaning the grill. It was the workplace equivalent of asking for more homework, which I also did, and also made me very popular.

These days, I own and manage a small brand strategy agency, helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that are extensions of themselves and to save time and money reaching their ideal customer. At Ampersand Business Solutions, we specialize in market-focused business strategy, meaning that we help clients align their businesses in a way that maximizes their strengths and resources as well as ideally position them for opportunities in their market and industries.

I’ve been doing this kind of work for about 15 years, but started Ampersand several years ago. The thing that’s a little ironic is that I felt like a fraud when I first started doing marketing work, even though I own a marketing business that made six figures in the first year and has doubled from there. (I generated …read more

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