The hunt for a coronavirus cure is showing how science can change for the better

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared an international public health emergency over the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus. One day later, the Wellcome Trust research charity called for researchers, journals, and funders around the world to share research data and findings relevant to the coronavirus rapidly and openly, to inform the public and help save lives. On the same day, the China National Knowledge Infrastructure launched a free website and called for scientists to publish research on the coronavirus with open access. Shortly after, the prominent scientific journal Nature issued an editorial urging all coronavirus researchers to “keep…

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Dear Abby: She let a rich, abusive woman adopt me, and now she wants my money

DEAR ABBY: I was born into a poor family, and my father gave me up for adoption to his well-to-do sister. My narcissistic adoptive mother severely abused me physically, mentally and emotionally as a child, and tormented me financially as an adult. I no longer speak to her.

Jeanne Phillips

My biological mother has been attempting to have a relationship with me as her daughter. But I don’t regard her as my mother. I don’t feel anything toward her. All those years of abuse have left me feeling … jaded.

My biological mother is still poor, and she constantly asks me for money to help my nieces and nephews with their needs. I understand that they are blood, but I work hard for my money and cannot afford to support them financially. They have had plenty of opportunities in the past to better their lives but decided to live off handouts.

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Vivo’s bonkers Apex 2020 concept phone hides a camera under its display

Since this year’s MWC trade show in Barcelona was canceled due to the coronavirus scare, Vivo didn’t get a chance to unveil its latest Apex 2020 concept phone to the press in person. I’m bummed because Vivo has pushed the boundaries with its concepts over the past couple of years, and reading the spec sheet the company shared, it seems like its latest contraption is indeed something. Vivo says it’s baked a bunch of novel features into its Apex 2020 concept, including a selfie camera hidden beneath the curved display. The handset has apparently “increased the transmittance of the screen…

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Vivo’s Apex 2020 concept has breakthrough cameras and an ultra-curved screen

The thing about concept cars is that even though they’re never going to be sold, car makers do actually have to build and present them. Otherwise, who’s going to understand the difference between a true concept and an absent-minded idea? Pity Vivo, then, which had planned to unveil its latest Apex concept phone at Mobile World Congress, but due to the event’s cancellation now has to settle for telling everyone about it in a press release.

Perhaps the Apex 2020 will see the light of day in a future event. For now, though, all I can do is tell you about what Vivo says it was expecting to show off and take the company at its word that the phone does actually exist somewhere in Shenzhen — because if it’s real, it does sound pretty…

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