Google may take on the Echo Dot with a mini Google Home

Google is reportedly planning to unveil a miniaturized version of its Home smart speaker at a hardware event dedicated to the upcoming Pixel sequel, according to a report from Android Police. The event may occur in October as last year’s Pixel and Google Home launch event did, although we don’t have concrete specifics on when or where Google will host it.

The mini Home speaker would likely be positioned as an Amazon Echo Dot competitor. That would allow you to hook up traditional audio systems with voice control, string together multiple Home units, and access Google Assistant throughout your house without spending an additional $129 on a standalone Home speaker.

Also rumored to be at the event is a new Pixel-branded Chromebook, the…

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10 surprising things you didn’t know about your credit score

Many people know that having a good credit score is integral to making some of life’s biggest purchases. Without one, it’s challenging to qualify for a loan to buy a house or a car someday.

1. Credit Scores Didn’t Exist Until the 1950’s2. Your Credit Score May Predict How Long You’ll Be Married3. TransUnion Started as a Railroad Leasing Company4. Employers Cannot Get Your Credit Score5. Your Degrees Do Not Impact Your Credit Score6. The FICO Score Has a Competitor7. You Can Still Get a Mortgage with a “0” Credit Score8. Closing Your Credit Cards Can Hurt Your Score9. Car Insurance Companies Use Your Credit Score (Sort Of)10. Credit Scores Aren’t the Only Predictor of Bad Financial BehaviorMore from

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