Bill O’Reilly says we don’t have a free press anymore, they’re too liberal

Bill O’Reilly says we don’t have a free press anymore, they’re too liberal

By Nathan Rousseau Smith, Buzz60

Since coming into power, President Donald Trump has openly feuded with the media.

One of his tweets, wherein he called the press the enemy of the American people, drew the concern of lawmakers from both sides.

On Meet the Press, John McCain said, “If you want to preserve democracy as you know it you have to have a free and oftentimes adversarial press.”

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However, Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly is coming to the president’s defense.

The host called the free press not so much a political watchdog, but more of a mouthpiece for the liberal agenda.

O’Reilly said, “The Founding Fathers gave us specific freedoms so we could tell you how the people in power were behaving. But when the press aligns itself with a political movement, in this case liberalism, then it is no longer objective or free.”

O’Reilly went on to say he believes Fox News is what its slogan claims, “fair and balanced.” He noted that he has been critical of both Trump and Barack Obama in the past.

President Trump has openly praised Fox News and granted them many interviews on the campaign trail.

Other members of Trump’s cabinet have broken with his criticism of the press. Defense Secretary “Mad Dog” Mattis has said,” I don’t have any issues with the press.”

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Apple could include Kinect-like camera tech in next iPhone

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